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I woke up at 2:30 in the morning, stressed out about poor Scott because of last night's episode of Teen Wolf. I realize this isn't a healthy reaction to a fictional character in a television show, but upon telling vamp about this, her method of distraction, apparently, was to point me at the Teen Wolf Hols sign-up on AO3. So, it's stupid o'clock in the morning, and this is what I'm doing in lieu of sleep.

To the dear, sweet author who is assigned to me for this lovely fest, a note (as requested in the sign-up post):

I really want to say I'm not picky, because that feels like the right thing to put here, but I guess maybe I am a little bit? Don't be scared, though. I think it boils down to a very simple and non-intimidating formula. 

I love canon. I realize it's not perfect, and the show's writers leave much to be desired, but I firmly believe that's the fun of fic. Canon divergent, or even canon compliant with a "between the lines" sort of storyline makes me exceedingly happy. The fics where an author weaves their own story into existing canon, tying it together in a way that actually makes sense is my absolute kryptonite. (vamp can offer a link to an example of this in fic if what I've put here doesn't make sense)

I rarely read AU because I feel like there's so much going on in canon for us to play with, there's really no reason to venture away from this world with these characters. 

Stiles and Derek are my OTP, but I also ship Stiles/Scott, Stiles/Parrish, Stiles/pillow (#stillow) or Stiles/anygoddamnthing else, bc STILES. 

*breathes into a paper bag*

Stiles isn't the only character I'll read. Chris/Derek is basically canon, and Parrish is just too Damn perfect to not ship with basically anyone.

Breakup fic. This is my bulletproof trope. Pining is awesome. Angst and pain and heartache all make me feel, and I'm told feeling is a very human thing for me to do >.> But I also love a HEA. Like, you could basically drag them through whatever you want as long as there's some sort of implied happy/together in the end. And for some reason, the best way for me to get this miasma of feels here is with breakup/back-together fic. (Also acceptable: Holy-Shit-I-Thought-You-Were-Dead fic, or fuck buddies to accidentally in love fic.) This is not a must. Just an idea of what I love. 

In character, please, for the love of Zeus. I could pretty much read anything as long as the boys aren't so OOC they're unrecognizable. This doesn't mean that you can't have fun with them, by any means. If you want to make Stiles an emotionally wrecked rentboy with self-esteem issues, that's cool, as long as some aspect of his canon personality is still there. 

I think that's mostly it. Canon-ish, in character, and if you want a trope to play with, the break-up/make-up one will do me every time.

If you have trouble, or just need clarification, vampthenewblack or sapphirescribe are the people to ask. both available on Twitter, but I'll link them here as soon as I've had some coffee and whipped out the laptop. (it's too early for phone-style html)

Have fun!


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